IO1: National the State of Art Reports related to Socio Emotional Learning (SEL) development

The documents prepared by 5 different EU countries partners‘ institutions will be detailed analysis of National situation in socio-emotional learning (SEL) development. It will include information such us:

  • Definition of SEL and SEL competences and domains;
  • Understanding of SEL in different countries;
  • National laws and national strategy related with SEL development;
  • How SEL is organized at national level in primary education;
  • Schools’ principles, rules, strategical aims related to SEL;
  • Good practices and ongoing national and international projects, resources, initiatives related to SEL;
  • Publications in national and international level; Institutions, researchers or groups involved in SEL development;
  • Insitutions, researchers or groups involved in SEL’s development.

National Reports and International Report on Socio-emotional capacity building in primary education in partners countries could be downloaded from here:

International Report >>

National Reports:

Lithuanian National Report >>

Bulgarian National Report >>

Italian National Report >>

Portuguese National Report >>

Greek National Report >>

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