The Kick-off meeting of the PSsmile project took place in Athens on the 10-11th of October, 2019, organized by FOUR ELEMENTS organization.

The meeting was dedicated to the detailed description of the project and the activities to be carried out in the nearest period. Also partners shared responsibilities between project’s group, exchanged their knowledge and experience on the content. As well we developed and finalized content items for National reports. The meeting was an opportunity for the partners to get know each other better and to discuss all details related to the project. All the partners presented their organizations. We discussed about our collaboration and communication tools, as well made activities related to Impact+ tool. We dedicated time to go in detailed through project administration and management issues, to answer all doubts. As well we discussed about Dissemination Strategy and Evaluation Plan of the project. Project meeting was very productive from both sides, working and enjoying cultural activities, as non-formal collaboration is also one of the way to improve our socio-emotional skills and to understand each other.

Agenda of the 1st partnership meeting >>


The 3rd Transnational Partners Meeting (TPM) of PSsmile project took place on the 9th and 10th of May in Lousã, Portugal.

The meeting was organized by ARCIL and it was dedicated to the definition of the last project activities. During the event, all participants shared the experiences collected during the training and testing activities carried out in schools with teachers and pupils, showing how the project gathered a great consensus and appreciation among all the target groups. All partners worked hard in defining an effective plan for the completion of the latest activities, which will see them involved in the testing of PSsmile mobile app (Intellectual Output 3 – IO3) and the implementation of the Socio-emotional Capacity Moodle (Intellectual Output 4 – IO4). The meeting was a perfect opportunity to meet in person once again and renew the strong team spirit that distinguishes the partnership.

Agenda of the 3rd transnational partner meeting >>

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