Language: English
Date: 21/09/2020 – 25/09/2020
Duration: 5 working days for a total of 20 online teaching hours
Venue (receiving organization): online (Italy)

The main aim of the PSsmile Training Week was to improve the knowledge on Socio Emotional Learning, as well to exchange good practices and experience among the five countries staff members.


The Training Week aimed ‘to contribute building emotionally stable, inclusive, and healthy communities where significant adults, namely parents and teachers, take care of their own socio-emotional functioning and support its development in children’.

The training event was proposed to researchers, educators, and teachers from project partners’ institutions (at least 2 participants per country).

The knowledge exchange and the reflective process activated throughout the event allowed the group to develop a common understanding that played a crucial role in developing the methodical material.

Experts who took part to the course (Day one) have long-lasting experience in this field and got very positive evaluation in related Erasmus+ projects they participated in recent past.

The experience is valuable in methodical content creation (IO1), as well as in the development of the activities and learning assessment that partners will propose to both teachers training and in the programs provided to schools.

The main topics proposed were:

  • Good practices and research guidelines on Socio Emotional Learning and Education
  • Assessment and implementation issues
  • Presentation of teaching units and activities for families
  • Recent developments in theoretical and methodical materials, PSsmile domains and units
  • Learning Assessment standards


Participants had the opportunity to:

  • Enrich their knowledge on SEL
  • Widen the professional perspectives
  • Learn what constitutes a qualified SEL activity
  • Get practical information and knowledge on methodological issues and learning standards


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