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The results developed in our project are considered as intellectual outputs (IOs) – tangible deliverables and elaborated materials related to the project. IOs contains the element of innovation, contribute to the general objective of the project, show potential impact within the organizations (mainly VET and NGOs who cooperate with educational institutions) and as much as possible within other sectors (Secondary education, Adults education, Higher education) and different levels (local, national, international) in order to exploit and to disseminate it to a wider public. IOs are substantial in quality and quantity for given grant support by European Commission. All IOs developed within the project have free access for the public and also have an educational purpose.

Methodological material for socio-emotional skills development (leading partner: Università degli studi di Padova)

• National State of the Art Reports related to Socio Emotional Learning (SEL) development (read more >>)

• Report in connection with challenges related to socio-emotional development faced in primary education level (read more >>)

• Report in connection with statistics of reachable target group in partners countries (read more >>)

• Methodological material (read more >>)

Training programme on socio-emotional capacity building (leading partner: Associação para a recuperação de cidadãos inadaptados da Lousã A.R.C.I.L)

Creation of training method/program for teachers that then will train the children on SEL subject. The training will be then administered by the partners to the teachers in each partner country. Training activities for adults (parents and teachers) that will be the content of the app, product of IO3.

App for socio-emotional capacity building (leading partner: VšĮ „eMundus“)
DEMO version >>

Developing of an App for adults (parents and teachers) that will guide them through the various components of SEL and which will set daily activities to better develop their emotional potential and improve their understanding of SEL. With this deliverable we intend to improve and facilitate the development of emotional skills for pupils at primary education and empower teachers and parents on the same subject. By supporting the three target groups we intend to raise awareness at local, national and European level about the importance of socio-emotional intelligence, provide information and ultimately increase the adoption of SEL activities in schools.

The content of the app is based on training and practical activities for each of the 5 SEL competencies:
• Self-awareness
• Self-management
• Social awareness
• Social relationship
• Responsible decision-making

For each area, it will be offered individual and group activities on a daily basis in order to develop the abilities and skills necessary to become emotionally intelligent. Life examples and references to theory will also be provided. With this tool, we intend to improve and facilitate the development of emotional skills in primary school students and provide teachers and parents with the necessary methodological material and knowledge.
By helping these three target groups, we will seek to highlight the importance of social and emotional development, provide information and increase the uptake of SEL in schools at local, international and European levels.

E-Learning course on socio-emotional capacity building (leading partner: VšĮ „eMundus“)

The training course created in IO2 will be adapted and crafted for becoming an e-learning course related to SEL development and available online on the project website. In this way if a teacher from a different school not involved in the project in whole Europe will get to know about the project he/she will be able to take the course and implement it in his classroom with his/her students.

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