Project aim – to foster socio-emotional capacity development in primary education institutions enrolling into activities all community.

The partnership will aim to correct the lack of balance between subject knowledge and social and emotional education. Educational systems all around Europe are more focused on the knowledge transfer rather than to help pupils to develop soft skills that are necessary for a better integration in society and to be successful in any future field of work. Being Emotional Intelligence about the capability of individuals to recognize their own emotions and those of others and use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior, managing or adjusting emotions to adapt to different environments or achieve goals, the project will give European citizens the tools to better understand themselves and the other members of society.

The project conforms with the aim to form a unified European front against the problems that face societies achieving the European goal to promote peace, its values and mostly the well-being of its citizens, including the emotional well-being. Throughout the achievement of its intellectual outputs, the project will bridge the gap between oneself and the others, guiding parents, teachers and pupils since primary school to a better understanding of what is social and emotional education and how to use it to set the basis for a better integrate and emotionally healthy society.

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